If you are looking to move commercial cargo, we have custom solutions for you and a stock of heavy cradles and cribbing. Our charter team provides solutions on a global basis and has access to a fleet of well positioned charter vessels. Having shipped commercial boats for over 15 years we know what is required.

Commercial Boat Transport

Commercial boats may be more rugged than a superyacht but they need to be handled with just as much care and attention. Typically commercial craft move on different trades to yachts and superyachts. We have moved commercial boats from places such as Africa and Vietnam. That’s why having a truly out of the box thinking, worldly team is vital.

The bulk of most commercial craft equates to a need for stronger cradling and cribbing as well as higher lift capacities. Our loadmaster team creates and actions effective lift and stowage plans to ensure that each craft is handled with precision. Our partnerships with heavy lift LOLO and FLOFLO carriers allows us to choose from a fleet of quality vessels.

So be it a fishing boat , ferry or tug boat we have you covered.